What We've Been Up To

Check out some of the things last year's Year 4 got up to!
Making Slime!!!
Spaghetti and Marshmallow Towers!
Mini Experiments!
Elephant Toothpaste!
Rotor Copters!
Beowulf Freeze Frames
Year 4 have been reading the mythical story of Beowulf as part of their Anglo-Saxon topic. We have linked this with our English work and have created freeze frames to show alternative battle scenes between Beowulf and Grendel. The children decided whether to use a weapon to defeat the monster or to use tactics to trick the monster. 
World Book Day 2018
Plasticine Models
In preparation for our animation movies, the children were practising to model figures in our ICT lesson this week. We had to follow some key tips to ensure the figures were 'animatable' 
- Use our finger and thumbs to pinch our shapes
- Use only one piece of plasticine
- Keep all of the limbs relatively thick
- Ensure our models can stand freely.
Here are some examples of the models we created:
In DT we are looking at how to make Gliders and what it is that makes them travel. We have been looking at the forces Gravity, Thrust, Drag and Lift.
Drama - Story Endings
We have been exploring different endings to stories in order to give the reader an unexpected twist. We decided to act these out first so our children could have a clearer idea of the ending, before they write it.
This half term, children have been learning to sequence rolls, balances and travelling. Throughout the topic, the children have been able to analyse their body positions by taking photographs and viewing them on the iPad. 
Year 4 Ancient Egyptian Day
We were lucky enough to have 'Soham Heritage and Tourism' visit our year group to lead an Ancient Egyptian Day. Mrs Johnston, our history lead for the day, was fantastic in engaging the children in many tasks involving the Egyptians. All the children were dressed to impress whilst painting scarabs, playing board games, making our own toys and much more! Please take a look at some of the pictures of the day. 
Fitzwilliam Class Cafe
Thank you for all the support for our recent class cafe. Throughout the session, we were looking at conductors and insulators and more specifically, what properties were needed to make a conductor. Please take a minute to have a look at some of the pictures. Please also feel free to download a copy of our 'Take Away' page for ideas about interesting Science you can do from home.
This page will include various photographs and summaries of what the children have been up to throughout the week. Check regularly for updates which will also include celebration assembly certificate winners.
International Women's Day 2018
As we are sure you are aware, International Women's Day took place on Friday. As a tribute to this and to help raise awareness for children, Year 4 decided to create a lesson revolved around the topic.
To help children understand the idea of inequality.
The children were split into mixed gender pairs and threes and were asked to do a variety of activities around the room including organising, colour coding and sorting. 
Children spent 15-20 minutes completing the activities.
After completing the activities, the children were rewarded. However the boys' reward was much greater than the girls' reward. The idea behind this was to show how in many areas of our society, men often receive more for doing the same thing. 
Here are some of the children's own views on the outcome (B = boy G = girl)
B: 'I feel very embarrassed because I thought I was the only person to receive 6.'
B: 'I thought it was fair that everyone got paid.'
B: 'I felt amazed, I was happy with my payment.'
B: 'I was so happy with my payment but when I realised the girls had less, I wanted everyone to have the same amount because it wasn't fair.'
B: 'The boys and girls have worked equally and so it is unfair that they get less.'
G: 'I felt jealous of the boys.'
G: 'We worked equally hard and therefore should receive the same amount.'
G: 'At first I felt angry that the boys were rewarded more for doing the same job.'
G: 'I felt really sad because I felt like my work didn't mean as much.' 
To summarise, we spoke at length with each other and discussed why we thought the way we did. Throughout the session, we gave numerous examples of this in the real world. All in all, the children were incredibly sypathising and understanding of the situation and were able to put themselves in the shoes of those affected. It is clear to see that this activity was really eye opening for the children. Because of the fact that fairness is so important to many of them, It highlighted for some of them the need for equality.
Please take a look below at some of the pictures: