Things you can do to support your child

Things you can to do to support your child
Children at Nursery age are often full of wonder and are very eager to learn so it is an ideal time to get into the good habits of home learning. However, home learning must be age-appropriate and the last thing we would advocate is making a 3 or 4 year old sit down to do worksheets or other 'formal' forms of homework.
Prime Areas of Learning
In Nursery we focus one the prime areas of learning, Personal, Social and Emotional Education, Physical Development and Communication and Language.
You can support your child by helping them to become more independent in putting on coats and shoes, toileting, washing hands and taking turns and sharing when playing games.
In Nursery we encourage the children to borrow picture books for you to share and enjoy with your child at home. Books are available at the beginning of each session.  You are welcome to change the book as often as you and your child would like. You will also be given the opportunity to sign up to borrow story sacks to share with your child during their time at nursery. Talk to your child about what is happening in the book. Talk about the pictures and the text and show them how to hold a book and handle it carefully.
Mark Making
In Nursery we follow a gross motor to fine motor approach to mark making. We use 'Squiggle while you wiggle,' a fund dance movement approach which get our whole bodies and then hands and fingers ready for mark making and writing. You can support your child by encouraging them to experiment with marks at home: painting, drawing, mark making in flour, mud etc
We spend lots of time singing number rhymes, understanding and explore the value of numbers as well as recognising numerals. We use maths in spatial awareness and problem solving daily throughout the Nursery. You can support your child by singing number songs, spotting numerals in the environment, getting them to help count out plates and knives and forks, doing jigsaw puzzles.
Here are some  ideas for appropriate home-learning activities that you may wish to complete with your child. Don't forget to upload photos to Tapestry so that we can share in your child's achievements!
  • Playing 'I spy'
  • Making homemade playdough or baking together
  • Practise writing letters from their names in shaving foam, or glitter on a tray.
  • Practise holding scissors and cutting (cut up cards/paper/the grass outside/playdough sausages)
  • Do a number or shape hunt when you go out spotting numbers or shapes in the environment (on doors/shops)
  • Plant beans or seeds and see how they grow
  • SING!!!! Especially Nursery Rhymes but we also love pop songs, hymns, TV theme tunes and anything else that gets the children using their voices.
  • Help your child to become more independent by encouraging them to get themselves dressed and undressed, putting on their own shoes, taking themselves to the toilet and using a knife and fork to eat.