Staff Email Addresses

Teacher’s Contact Details


To further improve communication with your child’s class teacher, I am pleased to copy below their respective email addresses.


Parents are asked to note, however that these addresses should only be used to request or submit non urgent information and that pupils absence and urgent change of pick up information must still be notified via the school office.


Urgent or non urgent information can also continue to be shared via the children’s reading journals, homework diaries (KS2) and the communication books which are available at the start of each day outside EYFS and KS1 classrooms.



Mrs Ogilvie       

Mrs Dean          


Mrs Lancaster  

Mrs Howe        

Miss Churchill   

Year 1                     

Miss Smith       

Mrs Cobb         

Mrs Lloyd         

Year 2                     

Miss Dahling     

Mrs Sirisena      

Mrs Thomas     

Year 3                     

Mrs Clark            

Mrs Kitching     

Year 4                     

Miss Brown         

Miss Fenn         

Year 5                     

Mrs Egan          

Mrs Dakin           

Mrs Goodings    

Year 6                   

Mr Lebbon         

Mrs Cooper        


Head:  Mr Harrison      

Deputy Head: Mrs Henderson

SENCO: Mrs May         


Admin Team             

Mrs Fitzgerald  

Mrs Wilson       

Mrs Colegate (IT)