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Year 6 Remote Learning Centre
Welcome to the Year 6 Remote Learning page.
Details of English and Maths lessons will continue to be sent to you daily via ClassDojo, however, on this section of our school website you will find the teaching videos and resources for all other subjects. Where English or Maths videos are too long, they will also appear here and a link will be sent to you via ClassDojo. 
This section of the website will be updated weekly. 
Monday 25th January  - Maths Home Learning Video
Nrich Interative Games - Click on the links below to access the games:
Spelling and Reading Skills
Here are the resources for this week's spellings, plus a reading skills activity.
Computing - Chatbot
In this week's coding activity, you will be learning how to make a robot talk! Have a look at the video which will help start you off.
Science - What is in Blood?
Click on the website HERE to find the information for today's activity
'Operation Ouch' Video - Recap Video (3 minutes)
'What is blood' Video - Useful research Video (5 minutes)
PSHCE Video and Resources
Can I raise awareness for an issue that concerns me?
This week's activity is research based. You will research a global, national or local issue that concerns you. You will need to find out information that will help raise awareness for your chosen issue. 
The resources have been saved as both a word document and a PDF. The second page is an example of what yours might look like. 
Geography - Mount Everest
In this week's lesson there is a short Youtube Video Clip to watch. You will also find an information page as well as a question and answer page. You DO NOT have to print the pages if you don't want to. Instead, you can write the answers on a separate page
Click HERE for the video clip
RE - How can Christian Values relate to my life and my community?
Watch the video and think about how Christian Values can relate to your life, even if you are not a Christian. 
Click HERE to add your positive experience of lockdown. It must be an experience you are happy to share. Once it has been approved, your classmates will be able to see it too.