Welcome to Nursery

Welcome to St Andrew’s Nursery

Our nursery runs across two rooms: Ladybirds Room is open every morning and Bumblebees Room is open all day.

All children are eligible for fifteen hours of funded early education per week (Universal Entitlement).  Parents select a combination of five three-hour sessions across the week to make up the fifteen hours.

Morning sessions are from 8.55am until 11.55am.

A whole day (counts as two sessions) runs from 8.55am until 2.55pm.  Children attending for a whole day bring a packed lunch which they eat all together in Ladybirds Room at around 12pm.

Children who are eligible for 30 hours per week of funded early education can attend our nursery all week (Extended Entitlement).  It is possible to share the 30 hours with another setting and attend our nursery for part of the week.

Information about eligibility for 30 hours funding can be found at www.childcarechoices.gov.uk and at www.cambridgeshire.gov.uk 

Please note: for admission from September 2020 we will only be accepting children into nursery for a minimum of 12 hours / four sessions per week.  


The Nursery Team:

Bumblebees Room Teacher: Mrs Amanda Ogilvie
Ladybirds Room Teacher: Mrs Cheryl Lancaster
Nursery Nurses: Miss Cathy Hobbs and Mrs Tracey Fuller
Teaching Assistants: Mrs Sue Hones, Miss Sophie Hamit, Mrs Shirley Sparrow, Mrs Alison Murtagh and Mrs Claire Rutter
Apprentice: Miss Danica Peacock