Mrs Kitching's Rehearsals Blog


IMPORTANT - all cast must bring their scripts, a pencil or pen, and water to rehearsals. They are the essential actor's kit!
Rehearsals are going fantastically well with the cast sounding and looking amazing on stage. The opening is all set with Joseph and Jacob impressing all with their solo spots. The brothers are acting their socks off and the narrators have really upped their game in the last two weeks combining melody and energy in their singing voices - no mean feat! The Year 5 and 6 ensemble are holding it all together with some fabulous improvisation and terrific focus when learning harmonies.
From this point forward, rehearsals will start with a recap of the week before - without scripts - before moving on to new stuff. We would like children to keep an eye on this page to know what they need to have learnt off-by-heart for the following week.
For after half-term:
Narrators - need to know all of their bits in the opening
Joseph and Jacob - need to know their solo parts in the opening
Brothers - need to know their group parts in the opening
Y5 ensemble - need to know 'Jacob, Jacob and Sons!' parts and all of the colours with 'and'
Y6 ensemble - need to know 'Jacob, Jacob and Sons!' parts and all of the colours.