Home Learning

You can help your child at home by:

•Reading their library book to them and talking about the story and any new words to build their vocabulary.

•Listening to your child read their phonics reading book every day. It is important to be patient and give them time to work out the letters and the words. They may not be experts after only one read but after several reads of the same book you will see how fluent they become as they memorise the text.

•Use the letters in the phonics pouch to build words. Please see ‘Thoughts for the Weekend’ for each weeks words

•Practise counting at home, making sure your child counts one number for each object.
•Practise ‘how many?’ by encouraging your child to either look at a small set of objects and know how many there are by looking (up to 5 objects) or by encouraging them to count the set and know that the last number in the count is the total of the set of objects.
•Practise cutting carefully with a pair of scissors.
•Practise holding a pencil with a ‘tripod’ grip.
•Practise writing their name with a capital letter at the beginning and lower case letters for the remaining letters, for example Emma.


To help your child pronounce the sounds correctly, please use this website:  https://www.youtube.com/user/breakthruchris/videos


This website has many ideas to help your child with their fine motor skills: 


There are lots of online games you can play at home to support your child in their learning. Here are some of our favourites: