Archived Home Learning Activities for Summer Term Week 4

 Hi once again and we hope that you are keeping well,
I feel that we are getting into a routine and hope that you are able to collect all your activities from the links here without too much difficulty.  Hopefully we will be able to move to a more user-friendly platform soon so that you can access work for your child without having to scroll past everything else!
Again, we have collected things that we know will be of benefit but have not set out a timetable or daily expectations - please organise them in a way that suits you, your child and your circumstances.  In school, we are often flexible and switch our timetable to match the children's interests or just to keep the momentum rolling - we all love double maths right?
I know, from our meetings with teachers that they are loving the work that you are sharing with them - please keep it up!
Keep safe and Happy VE day,
From your St Andrew's Team